About KuoToong
Founded in 1978, Kuo-Toong Co., Ltd specializes in the professional design, production and assembly of large size water supply and division pipes including (1) concrete products (2) steel pipes and (3) ductile iron pipes. We also offer service of the design, manufacturing and construction of water supply and division pipes by no-dig jacking methods, the specific mechanical equipment and plant set up and operation of Seawater desalination, Water and Sewage water.
kUo toong

Kinmen 4000 CMD

Kinmen Desalination Plant Improvement and Expansion Project

 Sponsor Institution

 Kinmen County Water Plant


 Kinmen Jinhu Town

 Contract  Capacity (CMD)




 Contract Amount

 NTD 540Million

 USD 18 Million

 Finish Date


 Construction Period

 5 years

 The second phase of the desalination plant expansion project

  • The water quality of the mainland coastal water (seawater) is very bad
  • Design and construction period
    •   510 days from design, construction to Outflow
  • Super small footprint
    •   With an area of only 4,000m2, it is limited to the existing factory, and it is extremely difficult to arrange the equipment and moving lines.

  • No chemical added in pretreatment, RO unit won’t scale easily, brine release is chemical free therefore it can go straight into the ocean.