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Zengwen Reservior Anti-silt tunnel project

Zengwen Reservior Anti-silt tunnel project

Proprietor: Southern Region Water Resources Office, WRA, MOEA

Location: Dapu Township, Chiayi County, Nanxi District, Tainan City

Construction outline:

Due to the lack of sand discharge facilities at the bottom of the reservoir, the Zengwen Reservoir can only open a higher-elevation spillway to discharge the flood during the flooding period, and discharge the clearer water in the upper layer, resulting in the storage of mud and discharge of the clearer water, which not only wastes water resources but also causes serious deterioration of siltation. In response to this problem, the plan is to build a new anti-siltation tunnel under the left dam abutment of the reservoir to discharge the density current and muddy water out of the reservoir in a timely manner, to slow down the siltation of the reservoir and extend the life of the reservoir.


Construction content:

a. Elephant Trunk Diversion Steel Pipe Section 57.02m

b. Inlet tunnel section 58.20m

c. Gate shaft section 31.15m

d. Tunnel section (including transition section) 869.82m

e. Stilling basin and Outlet tunnel section 213.11m

f. Outlet slope and outlet work 46.88m

g. Hydraulic machinery such as radial gates and emergency gates and electrical and lifting equipment

h. Zengwen Lake Road Tunnel Full Length is 207.79m, of which the tunnel is 171m long

i. The length of the right bank of the revetment is 775.69m, and the length of the left bank including the wing wall is 555m

Finish date: 2017/11/28