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Founded in 1978, Kuo-Toong Co., Ltd specializes in the professional design, production and assembly of large size water supply and division pipes including (1) concrete products (2) steel pipes and (3) ductile iron pipes. We also offer service of the design, manufacturing and construction of water supply and division pipes by no-dig jacking methods, the specific mechanical equipment and plant set up and operation of Seawater desalination, Water and Sewage water.
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Zeng Wen Nanhua A2

A2 Section of Zengwen-Nanhua Interconnecting Pipeline Turnkey Project

Proprietor: Southern Region Water Resources Office, WRA, MOEA

Location: Nanxi and Yujing District, Tainan City

Construction content:

Construction location: Nanxi District, Tainan City
Route: Zengku Highway/174 city road junction~ Lu Tao (Nanxi-Yujing junction)
Passing through Nanxi District Town

Project content: 

a. ∮2600 pipeline open-cut length about 1,157m

b. ∮2600 pipeline by jacking method about 4,779m

c. ∮2600 pipeline water pipe bridge length about 271m

Starting Date: 2020/05/22