About KuoToong
Founded in 1978, Kuo-Toong Co., Ltd specializes in the professional design, production and assembly of large size water supply and division pipes including (1) concrete products (2) steel pipes and (3) ductile iron pipes. We also offer service of the design, manufacturing and construction of water supply and division pipes by no-dig jacking methods, the specific mechanical equipment and plant set up and operation of Seawater desalination, Water and Sewage water.
kUo toong

Development history


    Stable operation, strong perseverance and innovative spirit are the basic beliefs for Kuo Toong company’s growth, robustness, and sustainable operation. With the hard work and efforts of all employees, through continuous review and improvement of product quality and construction technology, the professional status of Kuo Toong has been unanimously affirmed by the engineering community and water conservancy institutions, and the company's scale and performance have been continuously expanded as a result.

    Kuo Toong will never be complacent with its current achievements. The current primary goal is to continuously improve its professional technology, improve product development and manufacturing, expand its business footprint and diversify its operations in order to enter internationalization.

    In addition, due to the increasing frequency of cross-strait economic and trade activities and the inseparable economic and trade relations, it is an inevitable trend for Taiwan's industry to move west to mainland China and expand its business boundaries. This is also one of the important business strategies of Kuo Toong in recent years. In response to this situation, Kuo Toong joint venture with mainland partners to set up a factory in Fujian and started production in the next year, with fruitful results.

    Various economic and construction projects have been vigorously launched, and various water resources projects related to the national economy and people's livelihood are also in full swing. Kuo Toong should seize this good opportunity, based on its existing experience and performance, to open up territory in the vast water conservancy projects and create good results.


The products of Kuo Toong Company not only conform to the GB standards of Taiwan and China, but also conform to international standards such as AWWA, JWWA and ISO. The construction quality and efficiency of Kuo Toong Company are also confirmed in various achievements over the years. Therefore, the company firmly believes that with consistent management concepts and strategies, Kuo Toong will make considerable contributions to the water conservancy industry.