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Hushan Water Purification Plant

New construction of Hushan Water Purification Plant

Proprietor: Taiwan Water Cooperation

Location: Douliu City, Yunlin County

Project Overview

        Cooperating with government policies to effectively improve the problem of stratum subsidence, the water purification and water delivery project will be handled under the Hushan Reservoir Project, that is, after the completion of the Hushan Reservoir and its downstream tap water project, the water source of the Hushan Reservoir and the Jiji Barrage will be combined for supply the main people's livelihood water in the Yunlin area to solve the shortage of water sources; Use surface water to supply living water, reduce tap water extraction of groundwater, and cooperate with the government's land conservation policy to provide public water supply of high quality and stable quantity in the Greater Yunlin area.

Construction content

a.  This project is based on the principle of treating raw water with a turbidity of 500NTU or less. The designed water output is 400,000CMD and the maximum water output is 480,000CMD. The wastewater treatment equipment is designed with a wastewater volume of 16,000CMD and a dry sludge volume of 85.01t/day.

b.  Water purification plant facilities: raw water conditioning equipment, clean wastewater treatment equipment, clean water tanks, construction engineering, on-site pipeline construction, central control system

Finish Date: 2017/01/19