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Houlong Water Resources Recycling Center

A. Project Name

The first phase of the water resources recycle center in Houlong Town, Miaoli County(Including three-year trial operation maintenance)Follow-up project

B. Project location

Houlong Town, Miaoli County

C. Project content

New Construction of the water resources recycle center

(1) The designed processing capacity of the first phase is 5,000CMD

(2) The second phase design processing capacity is 2,500CMD (not within the scope of this project)

(3) The total processing capacity of the whole period is 7,500CMD


D. Estimated construction budget

NT$175,825,914 million

E. Construction Period

2017/06/30 to 2019/12/11

F. Operation and maintenance budget


G.Generation operation and maintenance period

2020/07/07 to 2023/07/05 (3 years)

  1. H. Features of the project

  1. Household wastewater in the Houlong Urban Planning Area is currently discharged to Beishi River or Houlong River along the drainage ditches in the area, in order to improve the pollution of the main rivers and ditches in Houlong Town and improve environmental sanitation.
  2. After basic data investigation and analysis, fully understand the background and current situation of the planned area, and then estimate the future development trend, draw up the planned population,and according to the existing terrain conditions, find the most suitable plan for finalization, and develop a phased implementation plan, financial plan and operation management plan, which will serve as the basis for the future construction of the sewage sewer system
  3. Improving the environmental sanitation and river water quality in the area can improve the physical and mental health of residents, beautify the city appearance, and reduce the installation and cleaning costs of septic tanks and water-borne infectious diseases.


Site Photo


Configuration diagram




Door way of Houlong Water Resources Recycling Center



Aerial shot of Houlong Water Resources Recycling Center



Management Center Building


Secondary sedimentation tank



Oxidation channel


Recycling Process